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This portal combines the best of the Massey student associations' Class Representative and Class Advocate systems.


What are Class Representatives?

Class Representatives are students who volunteer to act as a class contact between students, teaching staff and the students' associations. 

You may be more familiar with the term Class Advocate. 

Working together this means that any course delivery issues can be resolved as quickly as possible.


Why be a Class Representative?

  • It is an easy way to meet new people – great for first year students who want to make some new friends
  • Increased involvement in the course means a higher chance of succeeding
  • Develop leadership and employment skills 
  • Gain experience that can be bragged about on your CV when you graduate! Plenty of certificates to be earned!
  • Contribute to high quality courses and teaching
  • End of year recognition event


What will being a Class Representative require?

  • Attendance at an introductory training session - you'll receive an invitation from your students' association
  • Some initiative:
    • introduce yourself to your classmates and lecturer
    • be approachable
    • address issues or report them to your students' association in a proactive manner etc
  • Optionally completing online fortnightly logbook feedback for your courses
  • You many also be offered additional optional advanced training modules


Signing up 

Signing up is quick and easy to do. 

Remember that there can be more than one Class Representative in a class, in fact, we recommend it! 

  • If this is your first time signing up, you will need to create a profile on this site and activate the profile by clicking on the email that you receive from us. 
  • Once your profile is confirmed then you sign up for the individual courses that you are taking.
  • Be sure to sign up as early as possible in the semester, so that you don't miss out on the training in week 3.


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Video overview

Watch our short video on becoming a Class Representative and how to sign up.




Need help?

Need help signing up?  Get in touch with someone who can help. 


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Find a Class Representative

Do you have a problem you want to report to your class advocate? 

Note, to use this function, you will need to create a profile or login in to your profile on this site.


Find my class Representative



Class Representative of the Year

Participating in the Class Representative program, gives you the opportunity to be considered for our Class Representative of the Year Award. 



Please let us know how your classes are going. 

Feed back via our logbook is categorised as either Postive, General or an Issue and is broken up into fortnightly periods throughout the semester.

If there's a problem, we can help get it sorted or if you have postive feeback we can pass it on.  

You need to sign in to your account to update your logbook.


Update Course Logbook





This training is currently only available to Class Representatives on the Albany campus who have completed the Introductory Class Representative Training Session.

The modules included in the training are:

  • Advanced Advocacy 
  • Communication Skills
  • De-escalation of Conflict/Violence 

ALL training will involve some 'role play' with the opportunity for all participating class advocates to participate and practise their skills.

Additional certificates are awarded to class advocates who complete the Extension Skills Training Modules.

More info will be posted soon, but it is essential that you sign up for these modules if you wish to do them. 


Student Association Websites

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  • "MAD
  • MUSA